About Us

Our Story

Founded since 1993 on the principle of wisdom and success, Wisdom Plus is named after our firm belief that the key to sustainability is not just intelligence but by being wise. Wisdom Plus is the representative and distributor of many electronic and mechanical components and modules of multinational manufacturers. We have been growing with leaps and
bounds with an impressive portfolio of reputable customers from local multinational corporations and international clients in Southeast Asia, India, and China. We will continue to do our best in servicing our clients and ensuring the highest quality providing value to our customers with wisdom.

Our head office is strategically located in the northern industrial zone of Penang island, the silicone valley of Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur and Johor office was established to cover the central and southern part of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. In 2002, Wisdom Plus Shanghai was established and to date, Wuxi and Shenzhen office is already operational. Our future expansion to various cities in China is on our master plan. In 2011, Wisdom Plus set up a sales office in Bangkok, Thailand.

Our Vision

To attain outstanding success and sustainable prosperity by fully integrating The Eight Pillars of Success formulated through our experiences, actions and examples of great Entrepreneur.

Our Mission

To equip a broad product diversity, paired with uncompromising quality and customer-oriented service, to become the most iconic bridge connecting the Eastern and Western market.